We minimize the overhead, acquisition time, and hassles normally required with importing tropical hardwoods from overseas locations. We are family owned and operate out of Colorado, with additional family members operating the supply chain in St. Lucia. We completely eliminate your need to deal with foreign entities, Ex Works and foreign FOB contracts, sea shipping, foreign currencies, and language barriers. Since we have complete control of the entire process, we can provide unmatched levels of service and order customization. We can do mixed-species shipments, and can accommodate just about any request. No more guesswork about what your shipment will contain, or in what condition. Let us handle the paperwork, so you can focus on selling beautiful wood!

Contact us for current pricing and delivery dates.

We handle the following processes so you don’t have to:

Container Fumigation
Sea Shipping
USDA Permitting
Lacey Act Permitting
CITES Permitting
APHIS PPQ / CBP Inspections
Professional milling and kiln drying (US Facility)
US overland shipping by rail and/or truck.